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PANGEA Company provides integrated services for oil&gas companies including:


Preliminary blocks assessment using:
•    global database and prediction software NEDRA
•    large area gravimagnetic and space imaging data coupled with known fields location and well data


Portfolio management, exploration and development strategy analysis
The main benefit of our services is cost effective exploration and high drilling success ratio due to the most intensive integrated interpretation of different data sets. Thorough risk estimation is incorporated into any model generated in our software.  

Integrated evaluation of blocks potential and geological risks management including:
•    seismic acquisition
•    gravity and magnetic data acquisition, processing and interpretation
•    geochemical surveying
•    integrated interpretation of all the data available using MDI technology
•    reservoir characterization and reserves evaluation
•    drilling program recommendation and monitoring


PANGEA is Russian based company successfully playing at international G&G services market.
We successfully completed 2D / 3D land sesmic data acquisition in Russia (Far East, Western Siberia, Komi republic, North of Russia, Udmurtia republic) and abroad (Colombia).

Also we have vast esperience in processing and / or integrated interpretation of G&G data in Russia,
both land  (Far East, Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, Timano-Pechora basin, North of Russia, Volgo-Ural province, Yamal peninsula) and marine (Sakhalin offshore, Ob and Taz gulf);
and abroad (India, Colombia, Cuba, Turkmenia, Poland, Myanmar, Georgia, Iraq, Egypt, Namibia, Azerbajan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Jordan, Libya, USA)