Interpretation of gravity and magnetic fields.

Subsystem MAGISTR™ is designed for indepth interpretation of gravity and magnetic fields and include the following modules.

Anomalous gravitational (DG)
Anomalous gravitational (DG)

Tg-2D. Forward modeling and determination of gravity field from density structures, pre-set in 2 dimensional (profile) option. The section is approximated by a system of closed polygons with constant density. Automatic density setting is possible for a pre-selected set of bodies.

Tm-2D. Forward modeling and determination of magnetic field from sections, pre-set in two-dimensional (profile) option. The section is approximated by a system of closed polygons. The program allows user to make interactive changes of section parameters (azimuth, normal field, inclination, dip) and parameters of each body (magnetism intensity module, inclination, dipping).

HSpectr. Determination of the gravity or magnetic contrast surface depth and shape using maps of gravity or magnetic fields.

InvMag3. Definition of the magnetization vector of the magnetic layer with variable and constant depth of the top and bottom with the pre-set direction of the magnetization vector and normal magnetic field vector.

GMGeo. Calculation of transformations and attributes of gravimagnetic data, creation, editing, integration with other kinds of data, such as contour and lines, and point objects.