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Subsystem ECHO™ is designed to analyze production data in order to obtain additional information characterizing geological features of producing field. In addition ECHO should be used as information support in petroleum production simulation and management.

Well interference scheme
Well interference scheme

The minimal amount of information to use ECHO™ includes wellhead measurements of oil and water production weekly or monthly and injection volume Well history and well completion reports are also necessary to better understand the factors influencing well production and injection data.

The main task for ECHO™ is to analyze well connectivity in the present and in the past for each pair of wells.

Workflow includes:

  • Production database creation;
  • Analysis of data quality and informativity;
  • Self checking tests allowing to control the cement jobs quality and fingering in horizontal legs;
  • Analaysis of correlations between time series of production and injection in pairs of wells;
  • Finding noninteracting wells separated by nonconducting surfaces inside the reservoir such as faults or lithological barriers;
  • Delineating of high permeability zones;
  • Integration of the results with ReView™ and Certainty™ results.