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Subsystem PetroExpert™ is designed for petrophysical modeling and log data interpretation. It contains modules for standard and advanced log data interpretation.

LogMap, Multilog
LogMap, Multilog

PetroExpert™ consists of the following modules:

MultiLog is designed to display the well log information and to interpret the data using scripts and formulae. It includes the following features:

  • Import / export of single well data;
  • User friendly log plot generation;
  • Interactive editing of log curves on the plot;
  • Interactive tying of core with log measurements;
  • Log corrections;
  • Interpretation of log and core data taking into account testing results;
  • Well-to-well correlation profiles;
  • Interpreter scripts;
  • Interpreter formulae.

LogMap is the program designed to import /  export the project data, show wells schemes and implements the following features:

  • Batch import / export of well data;
  • Directional survey’s data processing and visualization of wellbores;
  • Generating wells schemes with trajectories;
  • Generation of reports; Batch calculation using shell scripts;
  • Visualization of any map information from project database as background layer.

Petrophysics is the program designed for adjusting multi-dimensional petrophysical model and implements the following features:

  • General multidimensional petrophysical model for formation evaluation in the absence of core data;
  • Analysis of core measurements data in a multidimensional space.

ModErn is a powerful applied statistics/data mining petrophysical software package.

ModErn gives the user:

  • Core data processing (including capillary pressure and granulometric analysis);
  • Advanced QC tools;
  • Electronic tables tools;
  • Multivariate linear and nonlinear regression analysis Multidimensional visualization;
  • Express interpretation of log data;
  • Visualization tools with user friendly multiple plot techniques;
  • Cluster analysis of core data for lithotypes classification Integrated petrophysical models library;
  • Multiwell work with core and log data;
  • Interpreter formulae; Multimineral optimization inversion;
  • Lithofacies classification of log data.

A comprehensive library of petrophysical models including unconventional relationships for clastic strongly shaly section and carbonate section with dual porosity.

Techniques of petrophysical knowledge and visualization including matrix plots and multiple cross-plots;

Automatic and interactive clustering, SOM and other data mining technologies;

Tuning of petrophysical relationships to specific geological settings;

Ability to select nonlinear estimation interrelation coefficients;

Petrophysical optimization inversion tools, honoring most logging measurements based on the comprehensive collection of petrophysical correlations both for clastics and carbonate rocks.

ModERn is quite efficient in processing of core measurements data and in choosing the equations set for log information interpretation.

The package is designed for petrophysicists and it is especially effective in complex geological settings. ModERn structure allows individual usage of program modules and package adaptation to other tasks of core and log data interpretation and management.