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Subsystem ReView™ is designed for standard and advanced integrated interpretation of 2D/3D seismic data and well log data in three-dimensional space. Basic module ReView Lite™ provides industry standard seismic interpretation. For advanced data analysis various seismic attributes are extracted with Transform module. Then the attributes are combined in Classification module for 3D volume or 2D profiles classification and in Prediction module for pseudolog prediction. Standard seismic data interpretation is carried out with ReView Lite™ including the following main components:

Classification Cube
Classification Cube

SeisWizard for jobs management and control.

BaseMap and PickMaster for tracking seismic horizons and faults, generating TWT and attributes maps.

WellTie for tying well log data with seismic data.

SEGY-Master for analyzing and transforming seismic data, for batch correction of SEGY files and for batch loading of the seismic data.

LogMap well log loader for loading well logs from ReView™ database, initial processing and interpretation necessary for integrated interpretation

DataBase and administrative utilities.

Ansform module provides advanced attributes extraction functionality including coherency analysis, spectral decomposition and unsupervised inversion.

Classification module allows elaboration of horizons and faults picking, provides zoning of seismic volume, volume seismofacies analysis, sedimentation conditions and litho-logy analysis. It includes the following programs:

  • Classification;
  • Taxonomy;
  • Neural Net for Lithology;
  • Topology for Lithology ;
  • Portrait;
  • MDFilter.

Reservoir characterization is carried out in Prediction module using Conversion of Seismic data into Properties (CSP™) technology. It is powered by Muti-Dimentional interpretation® which implies analysis of relationships between set of seismic attributes (Multi-D attribute) and log data.

Quantitative prognosis in Prediction module can be fulfilled with four different algorithms:

  • Prediction;
  • Quantitative Topology;
  • Contouring;
  • Neural Net.