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Pangea projects in the world
Pangea projects in the world  

PANGEA Inc. since 1994 is a leading Russian consultant in upstream oil&gas industry and the leading Russian developer of high-technology software systems for geophysical and geological data processing, interpretation and modeling. To provide the highest possible reliability of our recommendations we also perform geophysical surveys, including seismic, gravimag, electromagnetic data acquisition added by geochemical exploration services. PANGEA’s customers list include most of Russian major oil & gas companies, more than thirty Chinese oilfields, ONGC (India), OMV (Austria), REPSOL (Spain), JOGMEC (Japan), Naftogaz India, GAIL (India) and many others.


PANGEA Inc. staff includes more than 90 full-time employers including three professors and 15 PhDs, 7 official experts of Russian State Commission For Reserves Accounting (GKZ). PANGEA’s team benefits from experienced specialists in oil geology, geochemistry, basin modeling, petrophysics, log analysis, seismic, gravimagnetic surveying, reservoir simulation and field development. Seismic department of PANGEA Inc. has significant experience in managing acquisition projects in complex conditions in various countries including Former Soviet Union states, South Asia and Middle East.


PANGEA technologies were being developed through tens years of researches and practical application in all oil provinces throughout Russia, India, China and other countries (over 200 successful case stories at different stages of oil & gas fields prospecting, exploration and development). Our core Multi-D Interpretation® (MDI) technology allows analyzing, improving and integrating the results of traditional geophysical and geological data interpretation. The main added values are increased reliability of the geological model and uncertainty control based on more effective use of all relevant data. MDI software is the only comprehensive toolkit for prospect generation, leads assessment and reservoir characterization allowing to use all relevant well and geophysical data.


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